champagne glasses at gala fundraising event

Gala Fundraising Events

Philanthropy is an important element of Utopia and purely voluntary for our residents. For those who are interested in participating, Utopia will open a new world of traveling with purpose. Utopia has created a unique platform, for those interested and willing, to further the philanthropic causes they support. As Utopia travels the world from major event to major event, its on-board facilities, including its signature restaurants and lounges, can be used to host gala events, which will bring together like-minded individuals, celebrities, leaders, charitable organizations and other sponsors to raise awareness and funding for causes of greatest importance to its residents and guests. Gala events aboard Utopia will allow individuals and institutions to fundraise more efficiently, through the use of Utopia’s venues and also through the assistance of Utopia’s philanthropic partnerships. Residents can host guests for such philanthropic events, however, the solicitation of other residents is strictly prohibited. The goal is for Utopia to become a philanthropic arm of residents who choose to utilize it.